Shop This Look: Hearts, Pearls and Smiles--oh my!


The Details:

Spring is almost sprung and in honour of the upcoming change in season, we've created a neck stack filled with all of our favorite, pearls, hearts, happy faces--and turquoise!  

Shop this look today:

  • 14-inch one of a kind mixed beaded and gold link necklace, with freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones, enamel beads, happy face and heart charm (with 2- inch extender)
  • 14 inch gold plated link necklace (with 2-inch extender)
  • 18-inch gold plated paperclip necklace with white enamel heart charm
  • 16-inch turquoise box chain necklace (with 1.5 inch extender)
  • 14-inch 5mm gold filled beaded necklace with fresh water pearls (with two inch extender)