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MOODbeads launched in 2020 as a pandemic passion project. COVID blues got us wanting to distract ourselves with something positive and beautiful. We found that escape by designing fun, versatile, affordable beaded jewelry, made from a variety of high quality beads including gold filled, sterling silver and semiprecious gemstones.
Each piece we created was adorned with a word--a mood--in recognition of the roller coaster of emotions we were feeling.
We playfully joked about how we were starting a micro movement for people to wear their feelings. But the more earnest sentiment was that we truly wanted to recognize and validate all emotions, during COVID and always.
From bracelet stacks that reminded wearers to be GRATEFUL to the cheekier pieces that boldly asked WTAF, MOODbeads wanted to make people smile.
Since launch we've grown to include products with children's names, stacks that carry secret morse code messaging, as well as bracelets, necklaces, mask chains and rings that feature beads and charms so stunning, they speak for themselves. We've also curated some of the hottest ready-to-wear jewelry to help you create a wrist, neck or ear stack all your own. Whether you're dreaming of a sparkling tennis bracelet, fun smiley face studs or a pave heart charm so charming it'll steal your heart, we think you'll find it here on this site. And if you don't, email us at We can probably source it for you!
It’s been a true privilege to create and share these lovely gems with you. In fact, connecting with customers and working on personalized designs has been a major highlight in this journey so far.
Here at MOODbeads, we know we aren't solving the world's problems. But we do boost moods and generate smiles, and that gives us the very best feels.
Thanks for spending some time with us. 

MOODbeads xo